Data Feed Management, Shopping Feed Management, Product Feed Management

Data feed management involves optimizing and tracking the product feeds of your store on all major shopping comparison engines CSE. Products optimization and periodical monitoring can bring substantial traffic and sales. The data feed management policy ensures that you get 100% return on investment (ROI). Our data feed management service:

  • are set up once and runs steadily and smoothly.
  • allows to list products in the popular Shopping Engines
  • gets statistics from shopping sites to keep track of the results
  • increases the traffic and sales

Data Feed Creation, Feed Creation Program, Product Feed Creation

Our data feed experts prepare the data feed according to the format requirements of various comparison shopping engines CSE. Normally, product name, price, product URL, product image, product description, product code, UPC or manufacturer code, brand etc are included while creating the product feed. The taxonomy requirements are also kept in mind while creating the data feed.

Shopping Feed Optimization, Data Feed Optimization, Product Feed Optimization

Our data feed experts will apply the requisite formatting rules to a product feed to ensure that it is properly listed in the comparison shopping engines CSE selected by the merchant. We use the following process to keep the shopping feeds optimized:

  • Feeds categorization as per the taxonomy of the comparison shopping engines CSEs
  • Filling the missing attributes
  • Validating the existing attributes

We constantly comply with the updates of comparison shopping engines CSE formatting rules.

Product Categorization, Feed Categorization

Categorization of products properly for each and every comparison shopping engine is one of the most vital processes of data feed listings. If the product is listed in the wrong category then it will get many wasteful clicks.  On the other hand, if the product is in the correct categories, then it will get more relevant clicks.  It leads to higher click-through ratio CTR and the conversion ratio.

Shopping Feed Submission, Product Feed Submission, Data Feed Submission

Our data feed experts after carefully preparing the feed as per the formatting rules of the comparison shopping engines submit to the relevant CSE. Once the product is listed it increases the online visibility of the products. The data feed is submitted in comparison shopping engines as per the agreed plan with the client.

Shopping Engines, Comparison Shopping Engines, Free Shopping Engines

Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs) engines allow customers to make price and product features comparisons which are not offered by regular search engines. These allow comparisons on the basis of product availability, shipping terms, nearby store etc. Due to increasing traffic to these shopping engines, merchants now prefer to place their products in many shopping engines. The reason is simple higher the visibility, higher the traffic and sales.

Popular Comparison Shopping Engines

Google Product Search Amazon Product Ads
Bing Shopping buySAFE
NexTag PowerReviews
Yahoo Shopping

Yahoo Store Data Feed Submission Services

Submit your Yahoo Store products listings to Google Product Search (Google Base) and more!  Use our reliable data feed service to increase traffic to your Yahoo Store. We suggest starting with Google Product Search (free listings), and then trying Bing,, Nextag, Shopzilla, and PriceGrabber.  Get started today!

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