eCommerce Platform

The design of e-store, you are operating with, affects the growth rate considerably. eBay Store Design is something new that makes the online businesses high flying delivering the unique feel of having something unique. We at Samyak Online have facilities to deliver the best eBay Store Design benefits that keep you ahead of close competitors.

eBay Store Design

We design eBay store differently instead of following the trends. Samyak Online may be a missing link in your success story till now. We have a long client list of satisfied eBay Store owners who are reaping excellent profits because they have an extra edge in the operations:

  • More freedom for customization
  • Better showcasing of more items
  • Specific formats for different sales/buying activities
  • Listing in eBay store directory means more buyers
  • Better control over cross-sell
  • Easy to get build up and track repeat Business
  • Unlimited change/update in custom categories
  • Organic buyers to custom URL

eBay Shop Design

Having eBay shop design is the best way to maximize the sales and profit with least efforts and investment for advertisement and marketing. In general, new eBay store owners report 25-30 % boost in sales just in a few months. We offer eBay shop design services with customization of several tools that help to build, manage, track, plan and to account. To select the best eBay Shop Design, you have three options: basic, featured and premium. The selection depends upon the numbers of items you are selling. To have 700 + fixed priced listings, featured eBay shop is an optimized choice; and if you have more than this, go for premium pack.

eBay Templates

Our eBay eCommerce experts know well to tune up fine the feel of any eBay shop design as per the likeliness of visitors and suitability to products. We have expertise and years rich experience to customize eBay Templates. And, it is not one time task; you may uplift the feel of eBay Shop or eBay Store Design anytime by changing the templates. eBay Templates customized by Samyak Online experts give a professional look to your store; and in return, you get more credibility as a retailer.

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