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A simple online store will not bring traffic to your website. A store with the competitive edge and using latest techniques can impress users. OsCommerce, one of the leading e-commerce development platforms, brings every single factor to attract users in one package. It is a platform that uses MySQL and PHP to build the shopping cart application. Over 26,0000 business owners use the strategies and development tricks provided by OsCommerce. Our team at Samyak Online strives hard to provide exceptional facets of this e-commerce development platform.

Why Get OsCommerce Store

With so many companies in the market providing e-commerce websites, you would be in a state of confusion to choose one of them. You need to look into every company’s feature details and then make up your mind. However, once you understand what OsCommerce has to offer you, you will not give a second thought to any other option. OsCommerce has various facilities to provide our customers. However, a few of the exceptional attributes of OsCommerce store are be listed down in different categories. Have a look at what makes us service you through this developmental store.

General Functionality

  • Website compatible with PHP 4 versions
  • Not one or two but multilingual support to the customer base
  • Safe and Secure transactions through SSL
  • Safe shipping management
  • Accountability of taxation on products
  • Integration of multiple payment gateways
  • Temporary and permanent shopping cart and many more

Product Functionality

  • A dynamic relationship with attribution of products
  • HTML based product description
  • An automated feature to highlight promotional offers
  • Placing orders for Out-of-stock products
  • Invitation to visitors for subscription to the store and many more

Administration / Backend Functionality

  • An exact structure to provide categories for products
  • Backend creation of database perspective and engaged customers
  • Exclusive support to the customers during the shipping process
  • Auto-updated feature for currency conversion
  • A solid statistical data for customers and inventory and lot more
  • OsCommerce Template Customization

OsCommerce Template Customization

A well-customized template that can make your website optimized to rank on search engines is what OsCommerce and samyak Online can provide proudly. You can Hire OsCommerce Developers to build a store that you have imagined. We know you are here online to make a reputed business and serve customers, avail our services to get better ROI and recognition.

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