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In 2016, the consumers downloaded 149.3 billion mobile apps to their connected devices. In 2021, this figure is projected to grow to 352.9 billion app downloads. As on March 2017, there were 2.8 million mobile Android apps at Google Play Store and 2.2 million iOS apps at Apple’s App Store. There are numbers of other reports also that make the outsourcing of mobile app development services a necessity for all types of businesses.

Android or iOS APP Development - Which App You Should Have

When you decide to join the global trend of marketing through mobile app, the very first concern is its compatibility for all the devices including iPad, desktop, laptop, iPhone, Android phone etc. Having two different apps for iPhone and Android sounds a good idea but it increases the complexity at the start up. The best strategy to start keeping the things simple is to create mobile app at one platform, then, expand it to other platform. Two platforms Android and IOS in combined share the more than 90% of total smartphone market; now, you need to decide – ‘Android app development or IOS APP development’. The reports conform that Android dominates the market by holding about 80%, while, Apple iOS holds about 15%; however, Apple iOS generates 85% more revenue than to Android app thus dominating in profit sharing. Android is used more in developing nations and low income areas; while, the majority of iOS users belongs to higher income, higher education level with more engagement for shopping. Android platform has the higher percentage of ad-supporting apps than the IOS platform. If we talk about adoption rate, even the OS version of Android lags behind IOS OS version. As being the open source mobile application development platform, Android gives more freedom to mobile app makers to play with new concepts.

How to Outsource Mobile App Design for More Revenue

The mobile app design needs to be smooth ensuring the intuitive experience to users. ‘Slow loading’ may drift your potential buyers to other brands – permanently. The security is a prime concern for specialized app development where you need to protect the confidentiality legally. The access to features & content in offline mode is must to have facility that most of users expect. The regular updates and evolution are the vital elements of mobile app marketing; therefore, the hired mobile application development company should be capable to maintain and support the app. The mutual communication facility for suggestions, click-to-call, reviews and ratings etc is must to speak put your brand with your loyal customers. The specific search filters, and freedom to set fonts, colors, sizes keep the users more engaged because they find the app working in the way they wish. Tracking of users is the key element of personalized marketing; so, don’t forget to have ‘Analytics’.

Hire the Best Mobile App Development Company

The most sought after benefits of having the mobile app depend upon the proficiency of mobile app development company and the skills of concerned mobile app designers and developers. As being the one among the top mobile app development companies in India, we emphasize on branding, unmatched support, optimization, UX of mobile app design, on time completion, unmatched support, technical excellence, competitive features etc. Our in-house team of IPhone and Andorid app development team has proven experience in customized app designing; so, you get the mobile app the way you need it.

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